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Portrait Commission Information


Have Your Special  Portrait Created!


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  • For best results, select a clear photograph(s) of the Subject(s)  which  will best represent the subject's personality or character.
  • Several reference photographs are helpful for the artist.
  • The Subjects, people and/or pets can be combined in a portrait from separate photos. Vintage portraits are created in sepia (dark brown) tones.
  • Images are to  be sent by e-mail in JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPE) format.
  • The photos must be larger than 3in X 3in.
  • Please note that  the better quality and focus of the photograph, the more detailed the portrait will be.   
  • Prices  vary  according to size, the number of subjects, the format, and the complexity involved in the portrait.
  • The price does not include framing, shipping and handling expenses.
  • 50% down payment is  (non-refundable). The portrait commences when the Artist has received the down payment.
  • 50% final payment. A digital image of the completed portrait will be sent by email for the client’s approval. On approval, the final payment is required before the portrait is shipped.
  • If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to drop the Artist  an email,  Subject Title: Portrait Inquiry



Chez  Majik’s



This commission form lists the following artwork to be created by Artist:  Lisa Marie Miles,  and will be sold to client.  All photos must show clear features of subject to ensure a professional looking pastel drawing.   One commission form per portrait order.


Medium:  Pastel

Style:    Black and White     Color

Add Touches of Color?   yes    no  (check one)

Size    9X12;    11X14;    16X20    16X20 (+ one);   20X24;    20X24 (+ one);   20X24 (+ two)

Larger Sizes Available

Kill Fee = 30%

Kill fee is the cost to client if order placed is cancelled before portrait is completed.


1st Deposit:  50%  of total portrait cost, required as initial deposit for commissioned  portrait order.

2nd Deposit:  50% of remaining portrait cost, due upon client’s approval of completed   portrait.

Instructions for Portrait Painting



Date of Order:  ______________  Date of Portrait Completion: _______________

Artist’s Name:  ________________________________

Artist’s Address:  ______________________________________________________________________


Client’s Name:  _________________________________

Client’s Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

Client’s Phone:  _______________________


Website Address of Artist:



Shipping of pastel portraits will require an additional postal charge.   Shipping fees differ depending on where client requests portrait to be shipped.   



Commission Form Link