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I’m enchanted by the wisdom,
ancestors have arisen,
As unity in  family is my dream’s decision,
I choose to create exotic-wealth schemes,
Majik, inherent inclines,
Defines and to prosperity
aligns my existence,
With absolute insistence,
Black forms layers of persistence,
For when I  raise my hand inadvertently,
Thunderous slams of self-love
 remembers me,
Then astral hearts of home instills in me,
Prolific and profound natural wonders,
As I work with our ancestral others,
Heaven showers blessings
from Queen Mothers


Soul Poetry

I focus to the order of the day,
I let not sway my goals and dreams,
For I am ever presently serene,
And of scenes that light the skies with red,
Making summer evenings,
Where lullabies and genre highs of creativity,
Give rise to inherent clues,
these new times bring prosperous circled lines,
where painting, singing and dancing gains grooves,
My goals to focus and synergize
are my reasons for living
with eyes on the prize,
for courage brings healing I now greet,
I remain focused so to stand on my feet.

From my mind, I jump rope,
Hop-scotch to other movements of enchanting melodies,
Encircling colors unimaginable,
As good dreams manifest
into lavender stars,
Ready to release the hypnotic flavor,
Create I with urgency savor,
Bear I children with magical energy,
Who are suspended in spiritual intrigue,
As they dance happily in reality
Showing eternal colossal prestiege.

A touch of one who is
infatuated with my presence,
Sensations escalate into feelings
never felt, Now,
earth moves beneath me,
Dreams explode from memoirs kept,
Incubus materializes,
Our boat then capsizes,
Games of no shame commence,
New moments of euphoria make haste,
With volatile wind ascents,
My spirit soars to the galaxy of illumine,
Not asleep, not awake,
Shining in my mind
are new senses,
actions of prosperity
my life now takes.